Americans Lost 74 Billion Hours Of Sleep Last Year — Mattress Firm Announces Mission To Rid America Of “Junk Sleep” Once and For All

The campaign includes an all new TVC featuring actor, director and producer Liev Schreiber, as well as Junk Sleep ambassador and Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas, and an exciting giveaway to help people across the country “un-junk” their sleep

HOUSTON, TX (July 21, 2021) – Today, Mattress Firm, the nation’s largest specialty mattress retailer, announced the launch of its new Junk Sleep campaign, one of the largest brand marketing efforts in the company’s 90-year history, dedicated to shedding light on the nation’s junk sleep problem.

The campaign supports Mattress Firm’s long-standing commitment to helping people get a better night’s sleep and live happier and healthier lives. But what is “junk sleep” exactly? It’s that tossing and turning sleep, the wake up feeling awful instead of recharged sleep. Junk sleep is why your 9 to 5 feels like 9 to 500. Junk sleep leaves our brains in a fog and makes us forget things. It’s why you sent an email to the wrong person, why you forgot to pick up your kid from school, and why you turned right when you meant to turn left. That’s junk sleep and it’s the source of all our problems.

That’s why Mattress Firm’s ambition is to Un-Junk your sleep. Because 68% of Americans are sleeping less than the recommended seven hours per night, amounting to 74 billion hours of lost sleep per year according to research from Mattress Firm’s strategic partner, SleepScore Labs. It’s time to wake up America – we have a sleep problem.

“It’s time people start putting the same value on sleeping as they do on eating well and exercising,” said John Eck, President and Chief Executive Officer for Mattress Firm. “This campaign challenges the conventions of modern sleep culture by being open and honest about the importance of adequate, quality rest. And it does so with optimism and playful humor that’s very much in line with our brand.”

The launch of the campaign follows a recent full-page ad by Mattress Firm in the Wall Street Journal calling on Americans to realize and recognize the country’s growing sleep problem. Today, the company is releasing a new spot starring actor, director and producer Liev Schreiber. It’s a bold, dreamy public service announcement that names and defines a national nightmare and reflects the importance of addressing junk sleep sooner rather than later. Fans can watch an extended :90 cut of the spot on the Mattress Firm YouTube channel. The :60 commercial will air for the first time during the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Games on Friday, July 23 on NBC.

“When I read the Junk Sleep scripts, I literally laughed out loud,” said Schreiber. “The other highlight for me is that it brings awareness to an issue very close to my heart. Lack of sleep! Hopefully, this campaign serves as a wake-up call for the millions of workaholics, night-owls and over-thinkers who are deprioritizing sleep. The message is pretty simple: it’s difficult to live a healthy life if you aren’t sleeping well.”

“The best ideas need inspiration, tenacity and patience, and the ‘Junk Sleep’ campaign has just that. When we brought this idea to the table, we were excited about the ownability and potential of starting a cultural conversation on a subject that impacts all of us: poor sleep. After years of building a deep relationship with Mattress Firm, we’re extremely proud to have created a new brand platform together that positions Mattress Firm as the leading sleep authority in its category,” said David Droga, Founder and Creative Chairman of Droga5.

Un-Junk Your Sleep Tour

Starting July 26, Mattress Firm will hit the road to help people remove junk sleep from their lives for good. The Un-Junk Your Sleep truck – part superhero squad and part unique Mattress Firm experience – will tour the country, stopping at sleep deprived consumers’ homes in New York City (week of July 26), Detroit (week of August 2) and Houston (week of August 23), to help them find the perfect mattress and un-junk their sleep along the way. Beginning July 21, locals can be considered for an un-junking by posting a photo of their offending mattress on Instagram or Twitter, along with a short description of why they are suffering from junk sleep, using #UnJunkYourSleepGiveaway, and by following @MattressFirm and including a hashtag of their city, i.e. #NYC, #Det or #Hou.

The Un-Junk Your Sleep team, complete with Mattress Firm Sleep Experts, will arrive at winners’ homes in the Un-Junk Your Sleep truck to provide a personal junk sleep consultation and swap out their old mattress for a brand new one of the following: Beautyrest – Beyond 15.25″ Plush Pillow Top Mattress; Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Medium Hybrid Mattress; or Sleepy’s – Hybrid with Gel Matrix® Firm Mattress.

National Sweepstakes

Beyond the tour markets, consumers across the country will have an opportunity to un-junk their sleep via a sweepstakes in which a grand prize winner will receive a $2,000 voucher for a new mattress from Mattress Firm. Beginning July 21, consumers can participate by posting a photo of their current mattress on Instagram or Twitter, along with a short description of why they are suffering from junk sleep, using #UnJunkYourSleepGiveaway and by following @MattressFirm. One winner will be randomly selected.

Campaign Extensions

In addition to the Un-Junk Your Sleep Tour and the ad spots, the Junk Sleep campaign will include three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas, as a brand ambassador who will be sharing her tips for how she un-junks her sleep to be at peak performance in and out of the gym. The campaign will also include sponsorship of the highly anticipated Field of Dreams game on August 12, 2021, where fans coming out to the ballpark in Dyersville, Iowa can hop aboard the Un-Junk Your Sleep truck and see which mattress is a home run for them.

To learn more about the Junk Sleep campaign, visit: and Mattress Firm on Twitter and Instagram.

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